How Do I Protect My Outdoor Oil Tank?

How do I protect my oil tank from Sun?

To prevent UV damage to your oil tank, you could surround it with fencing.

Building a solid brick shed around it would prevent the tank from being filled, so always take advice first before proceeding.

Fencing like this not only keeps the sun, wind and rain off your tank it also smartens up your garden..

How long does an oil tank last outside?

On average, a well-maintained heating oil tank should last around 10-15 years before it causes any trouble.

Can you cover an oil tank?

There is nothing to stop you disguising your oil tank in a little yard. You can match your fencing to that already used around your garden. If the oil tank is close to a building this is a little less work. If you’re enclosing your tank be sure to install a door or gate.

How often should you change your oil tank?

OFTEC suggest a typical oil tank can have an expected working life of twenty years. This can increase with good maintenance, but might decrease with neglect. Maybe it is time to replace your tank before it fails.

How can I hide my heating oil tank?

Here are some neat ways to disguise your domestic heating oil tank:Planting. Let your green fingers do the work here and create a beautiful disguise for the tank which just looks like part of the garden! … Fencing. Fencing off your heating oil tank is a great way of ensuring it is fully concealed. … Hedging.

How far does an oil tank have to be from a fence?

OFTEC fire regulations Your tank needs to be a specific distance away from non-fire rated parts of your property; for example, 1.8m away from eaves, sheds and gazebos and 760mm away from boundary fencing. You should not place a bunded oil tank within 1.8m of the doors, windows or any other construction openings.

How can I stop my oil from being stolen?

Heating Oil Theft – 6 Ways To Prevent Oil TheftInstall an Heating Oil Tank Alarm: A Heating Oil tank alarm can be a good idea to alert you of a dip in your oil levels. … Install CCTV: CCTV will help you catch a thief in the act and potentially deter thieves from targeting you. … Get Security Lighting: … Put Gravel Around Your Tank: … Keep Your Tank Hidden: … Lock It Up:

How do you cover an outside oil tank?

Build a brick wall or wooden fence to hide the oil tank. Use the wall or fence as part of a garden feature such as an enclosed garden space, or make the wall or fence long enough to hide garbage cans or garden equipment behind it.

How do I protect my oil tank?

Top 5 Gadgets to Secure Your Oil TankSpinning tank cap. Padlocks are usually pretty easy for thieves to break. … External ‘arm’ lock. These external locks are designed to secure the extraction points on single skin and bunded plastic tanks. … Wireless oil level monitor. … Remote tank level text alert system. … Oil tank security cage.

What is the lifespan of a plastic oil tank?

10-15-yearHow long do plastic oil tanks last? A plastic tank is usually a green, moulded polyethylene container. It has around a 10-15-year lifespan, but many problems can occur along the way which can cause a hazardous leak or contamination within storage.

Can you repair a plastic oil tank?

Plastic oil storage tanks cannot be repaired once they have started to deteriorate, therefore noticing the signs of a fault developing is essential to prevent an accidental spill.

Are steel oil tanks better than plastic?

The superior lifespan, durability and security of steel tanks provide much better value when compared to plastic tanks, especially over the long term. Plastic tanks can generally only be used in one location, as moving them usually invalidates their warranty.

Where should I put my oil tank in my garden?

Your number one priority is ensuring your tank is stored away from a fire or a heat source. They should also be: 1.8 metres away from non-fire rated eaves of a building or non-fire rated buildings such as garden sheds.