How Do You Use The Word Cope?

How do you use cope up with in a sentence?

“Cope with” is the correct term.

For example, you could say “I can’t cope with my study load” or “I can’t cope with my parents nagging me to take up science”, etc.

“Cope up” is an Indianism, derived from “keep up”..

What is the meaning of cope up with?

1 verb If you copewith a problem or task, you deal with it successfully. (=manage) It was amazing how my mother coped with bringing up three children on less than three pounds a week… V with n/-ing. The problems were an annoyance, but we managed to cope.

What is the time in your watch correct sentence?

Time is an abstract concept, it does not have a body. So, it can not be contained “in” a watch or anything else. The correct usage is, “shown/displayed by your watch”. Therefore, the correct version is, “What is the time by your watch?”.

Which preposition is used with Cope?

“Cope” is verb and it means to deal successfully with a difficult situation. “Cope with” is a phrase and people make this a common mistake using “cope up” or “cope up with” but the correct answers is “cope with” as per my knowledge.

How do you use cope?

Cope in a Sentence 🔉The farmers were unable to cope with the harsh dry weather and many of their crops died. … Brandon didn’t know how to cope with the loss of his father and spent months in bed crying. … The single mother could not cope with a full time job and parenting, so she hired a nanny.More items…

What is an example of Cope?

To cope is to successfully manage something difficult or challenging. An example of cope is when you are able to get through the hard time after your mother’s death. An example of cope is when a street is wide enough to handle the amount of traffic it gets. To deal effectively with something difficult.

How do you answer how are you cope?

Respond by saying, “Actually, I’ve been feeling…” or “You know, I have been feeling…” If you are feeling depressed or going through a tough time, you could also mention that so that your loved ones can help you. For example, you may respond, “Actually, I’ve been feeling a little down lately.

What is COPE short for?

COPE. Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure (property insurance)

Is cope up correct?

Incorrect: I cannot cope up with this pressure. Correct: I cannot cope with this pressure. The meaning of the verb cope is to manage. ‘Cope’ is followed by the preposition ‘with’, and never followed by ‘up’.

What is another word for Cope?

What is another word for cope?managesurvivescrape bycome throughdeal withmake itmake outmuddle alongbear upget a handle on180 more rows

What does copping mean?

copped; copping. Definition of cop (Entry 2 of 4) transitive verb. 1 slang : to get hold of : catch, capture also : purchase. 2 slang : steal, swipe.

Does she has a car correct the sentence?

Does she has a car is the correct sentence. Because in first sentence s is already used with do. To show present tense so there is no need to use has. Use Grammarly !