Is Titan Travel In Trouble?

Is Saga selling Titan Travel?

Saga ‘looks to sell’ touring arm Titan Travel It said the company has come under pressure from an American hedge fund, which bought a 5% stake in Saga last year, to make the move.

The sale of Titan could represent 25% of Saga’s total value if it is sold between £100million and £150million, the newspaper’s sources said..

Who owns Titan Travel?

Acromas HoldingsAcromas Holdings, the group that owns Saga, acquired Titan Travel on Tuesday (October 6) for an undisclosed sum. Titan Travel will retain its brand identity and continue to trade from its current base in Redhill, Surrey.

Is Titan Travel for sale?

The head of Saga’s travel divisions has confirmed there are no immediate plans to sell its Titan and Destinology brands.

Is Titan travel part of Saga?

Titan Travel: A SAGA Company Fast-forward a few decades and Titan had become one of the leading names in the escorted holiday industry. In 2009, we became part of the SAGA Travel Group, starting an exciting new chapter in the Titan story.

What is Titan Travel?

Why choose a Titan Travel tour or cruise? Our award-winning collection of holidays covers all seven continents, with carefully planned itineraries ranging from rail journeys and river cruises, to small-group adventures and trips exclusively for solo travellers.