Question: Can I Connect Two Devices To Garmin Connect?

How do I add a second device to Garmin Connect?

If you have already paired another device with the Garmin Connect™ app, you can add a new device from the app settings menu.Open the Garmin Connect app.From the settings menu, select Garmin Devices > Add Device.Follow the on-screen instructions..

How do I add a new device to my Garmin?

Adding a device to the Garmin Connect App:From the phone, access the Menu of the Garmin Connect app. … Scroll down and select Garmin Device.Select Add Device.Choose your device.Place your Garmin device into pairing mode. … From the Garmin Connect app select Start or Connect it.More items…

How do I add a device to Garmin Connect PC?

Using Garmin Connect on Your ComputerConnect the device to your computer using the USB cable.Go to and install the Garmin Express application.Open the Garmin Express application, and select Add Device.Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I add a device to Garmin Express?

Adding and Removing Devices in Garmin ExpressOpen Garmin Express.Connect a new device or ANT stick to the computer.Click Add a Device. If you’re adding a second device of the same model, a message will come up asking if you want to replace the first device. … When the device is found, click Add Device.Follow the on-screen prompts to add the device to Garmin Express.

Why is my Garmin not pairing?

Android: tap on the recent applications menu and swipe the Garmin Connect App to the right until it disappears. Disable Bluetooth. Restart Bluetooth. Re-open the Garmin Connect App.

How do I change the height on my Garmin Connect app?

You can update your gender, birth year, height, weight, heart rate zone, and power zone settings….The device uses this information to calculate accurate training data.Hold MENU.Select Settings > User Profile.Select an option.

How do I put my Garmin Bluetooth in pairing mode?

AndroidFrom the phone, open the Garmin Connect app.Select (upper-left corner)Select Garmin Devices.Select Add Device.Select the Forerunner 235.From the Forerunner, place it into pairing mode. … From the phone select Search for Device.Select OK to link Connect with Forerunner 235.More items…

How do I change devices on Garmin Connect?

From the Garmin Connect AppOpen the app.Access the Menu. Android: Select (upper left corner) … Select Garmin Devices then touch Device Settings or User Settings. Select the device you would like to make changes if you have more than one device.Make the desired changes. … Sync device.

What devices are compatible with Garmin Connect?

Watches/WearablesScreen ResolutionVersion CompatibilityForerunner® 935240 x 2403.0Forerunner® 945240 x 2403.0Garmin Swim™ 2208 x 2081.0MARQ® Captain / MARQ® Captain: American Magic Edition240 x 2403.060 more rows

Is Garmin Apple compatible?

Garmin Drive App Requirements: iOS 12 and higher on iPhones and iPads. Android v6. 0 (Marshmallow) and higher on Android devices.

Can I use Garmin Connect without a Garmin device?

You’ll need a Garmin device to record activities. … Anything else will have to be input manually. So yes, you can use it, but probably won’t do you much good.

How do I transfer data from one Garmin watch to another?

To transfer a backup to another device:Connect the receiving device to the computer.Click the Home icon in Express.Click the device that will receive the transfer.Click Tools & Content.Scroll down to the Transfer Favorites section.Select the device and the backup to restore in the From section.Click Transfer Now.

Can you pair Vivofit to multiple devices?

Is my smartphone compatible with my device? … 2 device is compatible with smartphones for Android™ and Apple® mobile digital devices using Bluetooth Smart wireless technology. Pairing Multiple Mobile Devices. After you complete the initial setup (Pairing with Your Smartphone, page 1), you can pair your vívofit jr.