Quick Answer: How Do You Use Abandonment In A Sentence?

How do you use abandon?

abandon, desert, and forsake mean to give up completely.

abandon is used when someone has no interest in what happens to the person or thing he or she has given up.

She abandoned the wrecked car on the side of the road.

desert is used when a person leaves something to which he or she has a duty or responsibility..

What is the meaning of abandonment?

noun. an act or instance of leaving a person or thing permanently and completely:He struggles to deal with his abandonment by his wife, and now having to care for their infant alone.

What does despair mean?

: to give up or lose all hope or confidence She began to despair of ever finding her homework paper. despair. noun. Kids Definition of despair (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : loss of hope : a feeling of complete hopelessness He finally gave up in despair.

How do you cure abandonment?

Primary treatments for abandonment issues include:Therapy. Seek out the help of a mental health professional, such as a therapist or counselor. They can help you overcome fears of being abandoned. … Self-care. People with abandonment issues may benefit from self-care.

Have been abandoned meaning?

1. verb. If you abandon a place, thing, or person, you leave the place, thing, or person permanently or for a long time, especially when you should not do so. He claimed that his parents had abandoned him. [ VERB noun]

What is the opposite of abandon?

What is the opposite of abandon?continuekeepdefendpreserveprolongupholdproceedprogressarrivelast72 more rows

How do you use abandoned in a sentence?

Abandoned sentence examplesIt was bad enough that I abandoned her. … Carmen abandoned the garden and followed him into the house. … She had quite abandoned the hope of getting married. … Abandoned vehicles are probably the best quality reports. … Since I have abandoned the idea of regular lessons, I find that Helen learns much faster.More items…

What’s another word for abandonment?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for abandonment, like: desertion, abdication, demission, quitclaim, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, surrender, waiver, abandon and incontinence.

What is an example of abandonment?

Examples of Patient Abandonment For example, if a doctor intentionally refuses to treat a patient who has failed to pay his or her medical bill, that is often considered unjustified. … Patient abandonment can also occur when: the hospital has inadequate staffing.

What is the root word of abandonment?

The word abandoned is an adjective derived from the Old French word ‘abandoner’ meaning ‘surrender, give freely’. … In the 1690s the word abandoned meant ‘shamelessly wicked’. It wasn’t until the late 15th century that the word abandoned achieved its common current meaning, ‘forsaken or deserted’.

What are the signs of abandonment issues?

Signs and symptoms of abandonment issues in adults include:always wanting to please others (being a “people pleaser”)giving too much in relationships.an inability to trust others.pushing others away to avoid rejection.feeling insecure in romantic partnerships and friendships.codependency.More items…•

What does it mean to love with abandon?

“Love with abandon.” To love with abandon means to love recklessly with zero expectation. To love completely, without giving any thought to outside influence (race, age, status, religion). … As mothers and friends and influences on residents of our little community, we have abundant opportunity to love in such a way.