Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Drive 60 Miles At 50 Mph?

How long does 60 miles take to drive?

60 miles (distance) can be driven in 0.8571428571 hours (approx.) or in 51.4285714286 minutes (approx.) where the average speed is 70 mph (rate).


How long does it take to drive 80 miles at 50 mph?

SOLUTION: if you are driving 80 mph how long will it take you to go 50 miles. So it will take you 0.625 hours (which converts to 37.5 minutes) to drive 50 miles.

How many miles is 1 hour drive?

Speed in miles per hour (mph) One hour walking at 1 mph moves you 1 mile. Miles per hour is often used for car speeds. One minute at 60 mph will move you 1 mile.

How long does it take to drive 1 mile at 60 mph?

At 60 MPH, it would take 1 minute to travel a mile, since 60 miles a hour divided by 60 minutes in a hour is 1 mile a minute .

How long does it take to drive 120 miles at 60 miles an hour?

It took Joe 2 hours to drive 120 miles at 60 mph, and it took 3 hours at 40 mph, giving us a total time of 5 hours. In the steps above we calculated total distance (120 miles + 120 miles = 240 miles), and we just found total time (5 hours). Before selecting this answer, it’s helpful to check for any errors.

How long does it take to drive 1200 miles at 60 mph?

a) How much time will you save on the 1200 mile trip if and you average 60 mph compared to averaging 50 mph. At 60 mph the trip will take (1200 ÷ 60) hours. 1200 ÷ 60 = 20 hours. At 50 mph the trip will take (1200 ÷ 50) hours.

How long does it take to drive 400 miles at 60 mph?

The trip takes 5 hours and 43 minutes.

Can you run 50 miles in a day?

Yes, you could run 50 miles without training… but it’s not recommended. Unless you’re already an elite athlete with a solid endurance base, it’s unlikely that you’ll make it to the end of a 50 miler without training. If you do, you probably won’t have had a very enjoyable time on your long run.

How long does it take to go 60 miles at 60 miles per hour?

Autobahn driving at 60 MPH 60 miles takes about 1 hour 10 minutes. Averaging 60 MPH it takes 1 hour. to average 60 MPH you would cruse at about 75 MPH. Normal roads 60 Miles at the normal 60 MPH limit takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Can you walk 60 miles in a day?

While your body is made for walking, the distance you can achieve at an average walking pace of 3.1 miles per hour depends on whether you have trained for it or not. A trained walker can walk a 26.2-mile marathon in eight hours or less, or walk 20 to 30 miles in a day.

How long does it take to drive 300 miles at 60 mph?

5 hours300 miles divided by 60mph = 5 hours.

How long does it take to drive 1 mile at 30 mph?

2 minutesHowever, traveling at 30 MPH for 1 mile (1 lap) takes 2 minutes, which means that your average will never be 60MPH.

How many miles is a 45 minute drive?

45 min is 0,75*60 min. During this time you’ll drive 0,75*60= 45 miles. Add to that 15 minutes (=0,25 of an hour) and multiply 0,25 with 45.

How long is a 700 mile drive?

700 miles divided by 70 mph = 10 hours. 3 graders math. 10 hours or 600 minutes.

How far can a human walk without stopping?

Normal, healthy people in areas not marked by desert environments might walk as much as 5 miles without needing to take a rest, but the biggest danger for anybody who wants to walk distances as long as a 26.2 mile marathon is doing this without any water to replenish yourself.

How many miles is 2 hours away?

so, d = 70 miles / hour X 2 hours = 140 miles.

How long is a 50 mile drive?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. ==> T = 5/6 * 60 minutes = 50 minutes. Then, the time needed to travel 50 miles at a 60m/h speed is 50 minutes.

How long does it take to go 80 miles if you are going 80 mph?

1 hourAnswer and Explanation: If you’re going 80 mph, it will take you 1 hour to go 80 miles.

How long will it take you to walk 50 miles?

So in theory; about 16 to 17 hours; the reality is that you need some rest and food, so probably more like 20 hours for a fit person. It depends on the terrain and the person walking, but on a flat tarmacked road, the general guess is that you walk 1 mile every 20 minutes. So, 50 miles would be about 17 hours.

How long does it take to drive 400 miles at 50 mph?

My wife and I drove hundreds of thousands of miles on US interstates. We found a pretty good rule of thumb for time estimates was an average of 50 miles per hour. That would make your 400 mile drive take 8 hours.

How many miles is 2 hours walking?

The average person walks approximately 2 miles per hour. So, if you walk at an average pace for an hour, you’d be able to walk 2 miles. A good range should be anywhere from 1 (slow pace) to 4 (fast pace). If you are walking 5 miles or more in an hour, you are no longer walking but rather jogging or running.