Quick Answer: Is Cell Phone Masculine Or Feminine In Spanish?

Is phone masculine or feminine?

Mobile Phones, Like All Technologies, Are Gender Neutral..

How can you tell if a word is masculine or feminine?

Most nouns referring to men, boys and male animals are masculine; most nouns referring to women, girls and female animals are feminine. … Generally, words ending in -e are feminine and words ending in a consonant are masculine, though there are many exceptions to this rule.More items…

What do Latin Americans call a cell phone?

votes. People in Latin America say “Celular”, while in Spain is “Móvil” You can also add the word “Teléfono” before: “Teléfono celular”, “Teléfono móvil”. All these versions can be understood by native Spanish speaker, but perhaps “Teléfono Móvil” is the most neutral.

Is it la problema or El problema?

El problema is masculine: Men cause problems. La solución is feminine: Women solve them!

Is Lapiz masculine or feminine?

Lápiz is gendered masculine in Spansh, so the definite article is el and the indefinite article is un.

Is phone masculine or feminine in Spanish?

I thought you referred to telephones, it is always important to give context!! Hi Karen, welcome to the forum! the correct form is masculine: celular.