Quick Answer: Is Munich Better Than Berlin?

Is Munich a good place to live?

Munich, a prosperous German city with a cosy small-town feel, is blessed with plenty of green spaces and a sophisticated cultural life.

The Bavarian burghers of Munich are rightly smug in their city’s secure position over the last decade as one of the world’s most liveable cities..

How do I get from Munich to Berlin?

It takes an average of 5h 46m to travel from Berlin to Munich by train, over a distance of around 313 miles (504 km). There are normally 20 trains per day travelling from Berlin to Munich and tickets for this journey start from €17.50 when you book in advance.

Is Berlin the best city in the world?

Germany’s capital city Berlin has beaten off competition from 110 cities – including London, New York and Amsterdam – to be been ranked as the best city in the world for millennials.

How much is a train ticket from Munich to Berlin?

Cheap train tickets from Munich to Berlin Train tickets from Munich to Berlin start at $21.62 one-way for a Standard Class ticket if you book in Advance, however, if you’re booking last-minute tickets on the day, the average price is around $137.53.

Why is Berlin so special?

As well as being Germany’s political and cultural capital, Berlin hosts one of the highest densities of scientific research institutions in Europe. It is Germany’s biggest city for media and tech – and its economy has been growing faster than the country as a whole for more than a decade.

What is the cheapest city in Germany?

BerlinBerlin is the cheapest of the major cities, and given that it’s the capital and also one of the most exciting places in Germany.

What is the prettiest town in Germany?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in GermanyThe riverside of Pegnitz river in Nuremberg town, Germany © Val Thoermer / Shutterstock. … Heidelberg town with the famous Old Bridge, Germany © Tanwa Kankang/Shutterstock. … Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany © Perati Komson/Shutterstock. … Schwerin Palace, Germany © LianeM / Shutterstock.More items…

How far is Berlin from Munich?

623 kmBerlin and Munich are 623 km apart. The ICE Sprinter will link the two cities at speeds of up to 300 km/h on the new high-speed line. The journey time will be shortened by 2 hours to around 3:55 hours.

Is 80k a good salary in Munich?

Yes, this is indeed a very good salary to make a decent living in Munich. I don’t know whether the salary is good for the position you hold or for the work you do, but you’ll be able to afford a space to live in a fancy part of the town.

What is the average rent in Munich?

As a rule, you can expect to spend 1,000 Euros a month. Most of this will be for rent. If you are bringing your domestic partner or family to Munich, the costs will increase accordingly. Rent for a two-bedroom apartment ranges from 800 to 1200 euros a month.

What is the ugliest city in the world?

of CharleroiBeing labelled the ugliest place in the world felt like a blow to the Belgian city of Charleroi. In fact it brought curious tourists and wealthy investors into the heart of the run down rust belt of Northern Europe.

Is Berlin bigger than Munich?

Berlin is a true metropolis with a population of around 3.5 million in an area 1.5 times larger than that of Chicago. Munich is only one third the size of Berlin in terms of city area and, despite its 1.3 million population, can be described as having the look and feel of a large town rather than a city.

Is Berlin or Munich cheaper?

Very generally speaking of costs of living Berlin is cheaper than Munich. E.g. rents in Munich are the highest of any German city.

Why Berlin is so dirty?

Rotting food, cigarette butts, old furniture: these items litter the streets of Berlin — and reflect the mentality of the inhabitants of the German capital, thinks Gero Schliess. Berlin’s streets and bridges reek of urine, mountains of trash can be found in our parks. …

Is Berlin a rich city?

Rich Germany, poor Germany Munich is the richest city according to the study, with an annual household disposable income of €29,685. Three former western cities follow on the list including Stuttgart (€25,012), Düsseldorf (€24,882) and Hamburg (€24,421). Berlin on the other hand has an average of €19,719.

What is the average salary in Munich?

€56kThe average salary in Munich, Bavaria (Bayern) is €56k.

How many days do you need in Germany?

A week isn’t even long enough to see it all, but it’s a good start. Four days gives you enough time to see a few different neighborhoods and the big sights while still enough downtime to relax like a Berliner.

Is Munich expensive to visit?

Munich is expensive for german standards, but quite a bargain compared to London. … Munich is not really a big city (big as London or NYC), but there’s lots to see, and you can get around on public transport easily. So as long as you place yourself somewhere near an U-Bahn station you can go just about anywhere.