Quick Answer: Why Are 240sx So Expensive?

Can you daily drive a 240sx?

I daily mine about 50 miles a day, it’s a great fun car with little issues.

I got mine with really low miles and well maintained.

If you keep up the maintenance and don’t abuse it too much it’ll be a great daily.

It had 170,000 miles which is pretty normal for a 240..

How many 240sx are left?

I copied the numbers below from a 240sx website. starting out with around 39,000 S14s, maybe 20% are still on the road, so 7 to 8,000.

The Nissan 240sx is the closest thing to a Silvia in the United States. … Why is this car illegal in the United States: This particular vehicle was declared illegal because it did not meet federal safety and pollution standards and it had a right-hand steering column, similar to cars in England.

Is a 240sx worth buying?

The Nissan 240SX is simply one of the best cars you can buy for not that much money, not only because it’s affordable to virtually anyone, but because the amount of cars sold and the range of condition for those cars bring prices down to the point where you could probably barter a fixer-upper with coins you found in …

Are 240sx rare?

240sx are a rare piece of meat, nice and juicy!!

Summary. I think the reason that the Nissan S13 240SX is so popular for drifting is mostly because of its chassis dynamics. It’s a super easy car to learn to drift on because of its wheelbase, size, and balance. It also helps that they’re dirt cheap to buy, and modify.

What year is the best 240sx?

1989The 91-94 S13’s are the best though because the front end isn’t ugly as garbage. OK, the 89-90’s aren’t that bad, but seriously the 91-94 looks much better. 1989 Nissan 240SX Coupe: For Sale: $1750 obo, Silvia TwoTone “Mint” Green paint, perfect body and interior, NOT running..

Why is the Nissan Silvia illegal?

The Nissan Silvia S15 is currently banned for road use in the United States. … The official reason for the S15 being kept off of American roads is because of our 25-year import rule, which bans any car that 1) was not originally sold in the United States and 2) is less than 25 years old.

How much should I pay for a 240sx?

Been looking around, you can find a 90-93 240sx in good condition, stock, for between 3000-5500. price depends on mileage, paint, interior; found one in good running condition, worn interior, worn paint, 3200.

Are 240sx fast?

Well, based on the link that RagingBITCH gave me, ’91 240SX has a 0-60mph time of 8.3s and a 1/4mile time of 16.2s. The Eclipse GT can hit 6.7s and high 14s, low 15s with a good driver.

Is 240sx A Silvia?

The Silvia generations most popular in North America are the S13 and S14 generations. Hereafter, we will refer to the car as the 240SX, as it was badged in the U.S. market to reflect its 2.4-liter engine. … Even with the upgrades, the KA24DE only had 155 hp, which was much less than offered in other markets.

Is a 240sx a turbo?

The Nissan Silvias (240sx) that came to the U.S aren’t turbocharged. They all came with the lethargic 155bhp KA24DE engine, unlike the SR20DET engines that came with their JDM siblings with upwards of 200 bhp.