What Can You See While Going Up In A Swing?

What does the child see when he is up on a swing?

The child has risen up to see over the wall, and then as the swing starts to fall they “look down” and see the “garden green.” This clarifies a bit more of the setting.

The swing is in a garden and it is the garden wall the child is looking over..

Who is the poet of the swing?

Robert Louis StevensonThe Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson | Poetry Foundation.

What does the child think is the pleasantest thing to do?

Answer: The pleasantest thing a child can do is going up in the air by swinging. Explanation: In the poem named ‘Swing’, the poet has beautifully described how a child enjoys a ride in a swing. It is the most pleasant and joyful thing a child does by swinging up in the air so high.

How does the swing move?

When the swing is raised and released, it will move freely back and forth due to the force of gravity on it. The swing continues moving back and forth without any extra outside help until friction (between the air and the swing and between the chains and the attachment points) slows it down and eventually stops it.

How do I keep my pendulum swinging?

There are several things that you can do to make a pendulum swing for a long time:Make it heavy (and, specifically, dense). The more mass a pendulum has, the less outside influences such as air resistance will degrade its swing.Put it in a vacuum. … Use an escapement mechanism.

What does the child see in the countryside?

The child can see rivers, trees and cattle in the countryside.

Where does the swing take the child?

Where does the swing take the child? A2. The swing takes the child in the blue sky.

What poems did Robert Louis Stevenson write?

Robert Louis StevensonTitleAuthorYearConsolationRobert Louis Stevenson1871RequiemRobert Louis Stevenson1886My ShadowRobert Louis Stevenson1884The Land of CounterpaneRobert Louis Stevenson188423 more rows

What causes a pendulum to swing?

Pendulum’s Forces Pendulums act upon different forces. The pendulum’s inertia — the resistance of a physical object — is what makes the pendulum swing straight out and up. The downward force of gravity, which is the force that causes two objects to pull toward each other, is what pulls the pendulum straight back.

Why do shorter pendulums swing faster?

The only factor that significantly affects the swing of a pendulum on Earth is the length of its string. … A pendulum with a longer string has a lower frequency, meaning it swings back and forth less times in a given amount of time than a pendulum with a shorter string length.